WHEREAS, the Authority includes the Beaver Lake sewer customers and obligations to provide sewer service to those customers in Penn Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania; and;


WHEREAS, the Authority strives to maintain cost effective services but must recognize and repay the Penn Township for past debt incurred;


WHEREAS, the Authority acknowledges the need to review the rates, funding, and obligations, and in 2019, the Authority will be reviewing the financial status frequently.


NOW THEREBY, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the following rates, charges, and fees be adopted as follows for the customers of LCWSA Beaver Lake Sewer located in Penn Township:


Billing Cycle


Customers are billed monthly with the amount invoiced to be considered “in advance of service.”


With a monthly billing cycle, bills shall be due on the 20th of each month.



Sewer Rates


The monthly sewer rates will be:


  • $161.00 per EDU per month for Home or Dwelling
  • $50.00 per month per undeveloped lot




Prepay Discounts


The prepay discount is 3% for customers pre-paying twelve months in advance with payment received by January 20th.  Past due balances must be paid in full before a customer can take advantage of the prepay discount for the 2019 calendar year.


If the sewer rate changes during 2019 and prepayment has been made, the sewer account will be adjusted for the rate change and will be notified of the balance when there is no longer a credit on the account.



Late Fees/Penalty


As part of the Authority’s rate structure, a one-time penalty of ten percent or a carrying charge on the outstanding balance of 1½ percent per month shall be added, whichever is greater.  The late penalty will be applied to an account on which the payment has been received after the twentieth (20th) of the month for which the service is rendered.



Tapping Fees


Tapping fees will not be charged for existing customers.  New customers will be assessed a tapping fee of $6,000 per EDU.



Insufficient Funds


Returned Check or Insufficient Funds – $40 per occurrence.



Miscellaneous Costs


Other Services are “As Quoted” or “At Cost.”



Duly adopted at a meeting held on the 5th day of December 2018.






By: __________________________             By: ________________________________

       Donald E. Konkle, Jr., Secretary                        Paul O. Wentzler, Chairperson