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In April of 2008, LCWSA completed the construction of a public water system to service portions of Muncy and FairfieldTownships in the Halls Station/Lycoming Mall area and began serving its new customers including the Lycoming Crossings shopping center, the new Eastern Lycoming YMCA, and the new GrizzlyCenter warehouse.  The LCWSA Regional Water System includes the construction of approximately 25,000 linear feet of 12-inch waterline, a well and disinfection facilities and a 316,000-gallon water storage tank.   The system continues to grow with an interconnection with Muncy Borough to the east with another 5,000 lineal feet of water main and a booster station to service industrial areas of Muncy and Muncy Creek Townships.   In December 2010, LCWSA acquired the Village Water Company which serves over 230 water customers in Fairfield Township.  LCWSA is constructing another water storage tank in Fairfield Township along with additional water lines to continue to develop public water infrastructure.  The watermain is expected to be extended to the western area of Fairfield Township in 2012.


This public Regional Water System will allow for the development of properties located in the officially designated growth area as defined in the County’s Comprehensive Plan and as further defined in the Montoursville-Muncy Joint Municipal Comprehensive Plan.  LCWSA envisions providing public water service to the corridor between Montoursville and Muncy Borough within the next 20 to 30 years as demands warrant.   LCWSA is actively working to provide additional volume and redundancy to its operating system through partnerships with neighboring water systems while continuing to develop its own sources.

2015 Halls Station CCR

2015 VWS CCR